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SAIGA MK 5.45х39 Version 030
Self-loading carbine 

The Saiga-MK self-loading carbine is patterned after the AK74M Kalashnikov rifle.

Its 030 version has a removable muzzle brake, sight leaf and an index-finger-adapted safety lock.

The 033 version (short-barreled) enjoys a non-removable flame suppressor.

The carbine’s standard configuration features an elongated dispenser magazine, unfolding plastic butt and a side rib for the installation of telescope mounts.

A Picatinny rail is included on the right and lower parts of the plastic fore-end for the installation of accessories (such as a fore grip or an under-barrel flashlight). The weapon is designed in a manner that prevents butt-folded firing.

Main characteristics
Sighting range, m
max 1,000
Full length, mm
Length, butt folded, mm
Barrel length, mm
Empty weight, kg
Magazine capacity, cartridges
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