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Night Sight

Optimal combination of target and background contrast for precise night shooting 

Night vision riflescope Dedal-490-DK3(100) is intended to be attached to a rifle for observation, target recognition, and aimed medium and long-range shooting distances in natural night illumination.

A unique optical system that takes into account image intensifier tube features and night light spectral composition, low-dispersion optical glass grades, a special multilayer antireflection coating, and tight tolerances at the optical elements manufacturing stage provide high image detailing and the contrast between an object and background, which is 20% higher than that of competing night vision devices.

Main characteristics
Optical Magnification, x
Angular Field of View, m/100m (degrees)
17.5 (10)
Objective Focal Length and F-number
100 mm F/1.5
Dimensions, (LxWxH), mm
Weight, kg