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Dedal-T4.642 Pro
Thermal Imaging Riflescope

Multiple winner of sniper shooting tournaments 

A high level of detailing of the targeted image and its background, both cold and warm objects, is the riflescope distinguishing feature.

The Dedal-T4.642 Pro thermal imaging riflescope is intended to be attached to a rifle for observation, target detection and identification, medium and long-range precise shooting under any illumination (day, night, twilight, complete darkness) and weather conditions (heavy rain, snow, or fog).
Dedal-T4.642 Pro has several built-in ballistic reticles for different weapon types. It also allows for ballistic tables filling for additional weapons and ammunition.
The riflescope operates in a completely automatic mode and does not require additional adjustments in changing environmental conditions. The start-up time is less than 3 seconds.
Dedal-T4.642 Pro is equipped with the connector for video recording and plugging into an external power
Main characteristics
Optical magnification
3,5 ×
Digital zoom
2 × /4 × /8 ×
Horizontal angular field of view, m/100m (degrees)
10.8 (6.2)
Vertical angular field of view, m/100m (degrees)
8.2 (4.7)
Objective focal length and F-number
100 mm F/1.6
Eye relief, mm
Display resolution, pixels
800 х 600
Batteries lifetime at 23 °C, hours
at least 4
Weight, kg
Operational Temperature, °C
from -40 to +50
Operational Humidity, %
up to 98