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Vepr-12 VPO-205-01
Smoothbore Weapons. Combat Semiautomatic
Smoothbore Carbines. 

VPO-205 is currently one of the most effective tactical smoothbore rifles, capable of accomplishing a wide range of missions facing security services. Its modular design allows tailoring the weapons to the specific needs of the customer, while the availability of special brackets ensures the detachable equipment is mounted in a manner that meets the requirements of the user. The weapon is reliable and demonstrates flawless operation when firing all types of 12 Gauge cartridges. The steel frame patterned after the RPK light machine gun provides the weapon’s immunity to deformations, as well as its fault-fee operation in various adverse conditions.

Main characteristics
Barrel length, mm
12x76 mm
Sighting range, m, max
Full length, mm
Length, buttstock folded, mm
Barrel length, mm
Empty weight, kg
Magazine capacity, cartridges
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