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Self-Contained Passive Infrared Security Sensor

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Reliable Perimeter Intrusion Detection for Remote Areas with No Electricity.

Simple to install, use and maintain;
Rugged metal housing;
Wide application field;
Long battery life.

CVD-102 is a stand-alone wireless passive infrared detector with independent power supply. CVD-102 detects changes in infrared range caused by intruders moving through the detection pattern. Rugged metal construction of CVD-102 allows its application in wide range of environmental conditions. CVD-102 power supply is provided by non-chargeable lithium cell with 5-year lifetime. CVD-102 is ideally suited for building PIDs in remote areas with no electricity network.
Main characteristics
Intruder detection distance, not more, m
Detection zone width/height within 50 m, m
Intruder speed range, m/s
From 0.1 to 5
Detection rate
Alarm transmission frequency, MHz
433 ±0,2%