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Passive Infrared Security Sensor

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Reliable Perimeter Intrusion Detection for Long-Term Applications.

Simple to install, use and maintain;
Rugged metal housing;
Wide application field.

CVD-103 security sensor is an off-the-shelf solution applied to detect changes in infrared range caused by intruders moving through the detection pattern. Rugged metal construction of CVD-103 allows its application in wide range of environmental conditions.

CVD-103 detects intrusion by sensing the infrared radiation contrast between an object moving through the detection pattern and the background environment. When intruder violates sensor detection zone, it will trigger relay and generate alarm.
Main characteristics
Intruder detection distance, not more, m
Detection zone width/height within 50 m, m
Intruder speed range, m/s
From 0.1 to 5
Overall dimensions without antenna