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Every Meter Counts 

All-In-One Rangefinders for In-The-Field Distance Measurement.

Small-size and light-weight range-finder;
6x magnification;
Noise resistance and precise measurement;
Target coordinates and speed calculation;
Adjustment according to the type of weapon, bullet and satellite system.

LDM-2VK is an all-in-one tool allowing for precise measurement of azimuth, coordinates, size, and even the speed of the target. Combined with barometric pressure, temperature, range and tilt measurements it meets the needs of a law enforcement professional. By setting the type of weapon, bullet and satellite system LDM-2VK is easily adjusted for optimal performance.

It сalculates corrections during shooting from different types of weapon. It helps to assess distance to the target, elevation of the target, ambient temperature and atmosphere pressure, direction and speed of wind, ballistic factor, initial velocity and weight of bullet, caliber, pitch and direction of the rifling in the bore, sight elevation over the barrel.
Main characteristics
Distance measurement range, m
x 6
Field of view, deg
Diopter adjustment, d
Accuracy of distance measurement, m
Elevation of the target measurement range, deg
Accuracy of elevation of the target measurement, deg
4хАА, 6V
Laser wavelength, μm
Power supply
Overall dimensions without a mask, mm
Weight, kg
x 6