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Mobile Automated Radio-technical Surveillance and Monitoring System

The Importance of Being Serious in Border Protection

System for Long-Range Surveillance Missions.

Mobile S-band radar;
Optoelectronic module;
Data transfer and communication set;
Satellite navigation system etc.

Surface and ground environment surveillance for actions at outlands and remote objects; data processing with situational centers and other elements of automated monitoring systems.

RATNIK includes all necessary systems for efficient area surveillance:

off-road automobile-chassis mounted body container;
automated workstations;
satellite navigation and survey control system;
communication and data transfer system;
night driving system;
Rosa radar;
Focus-D E/O module;
self security system, life-support and self-contained power supply system etc.

Main characteristics
Detection range by EOM video-camera:
Human, km
Vehicle, km
Boat, mi
Rosa radar module detection range:
Human, km, not less
Vehicle, km, not less
Independent operation time, up to, days
Operating temperature range, °C
-50 to +50