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Orwell 2k
Multispectral Complex Security System

Advanced technology on guard of security 

Algorithms of the computer vision allow to minimize the cases of false triggering and to detect targets and situations in a difficult jamming environment.

Orwell 2k video surveillance system with computer vision offers automatic targets and situations detection and classification, and transmission of the video information to the operator in a real-time mode.

New analytical functions can be added if required by the client. The system can create database in real-time mode, as well as search in archive by time, target class, number or name of the signal source (or group of sources), event or operator’s comment.


automatic pointing and tracking of the targets by pan and tilt video cameras;
displaying mnemonics of the moving targets and situations on the object map;
system operability self-testing and alerting if some elements of the system fail to work;
control over the operator actions in order to minimize the human factor impact, e.g. in case of conspiracy between the operator and the violators.

Main characteristics