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Non-linear Detector

Detects the target under jamming  

High-sensitive detector capable to operate in the conditions of complex man-made interference from urban constructions.

NR-900S detects electronic devices that contain semi-conducting elements, including mobile phones, improvised explosive devices (electronic control systems of IEDs), concealed electronic devices during TCSM (technical surveillance counter-measures) operations.

A non-trivial solution for the receiving tract of the detector provides for the possibility of fine structure analysis of the reflected signal.

For the first time ever the non-linear detector has a unique capacity to identify and select active electronic targets against a background of interfering noise generated by other electronic devices.

Modular design solution provides for operational use of NR-900S (Sound) in a compact "pistol" version as well as the "rifle" version that allows take-out of the antenna on the sliding telescopic rod.

Main characteristics
Modulation type
Average power of UHF signal when searching, mW
max 400
Targets detection, m:
- SIM (UIM) card
at least 2
- IED with remote control
more than 10
Output power of screening signal, dB
0; -6; -12
Power supply
2 accumulators
Continuous operation, h
‘Search’ mode - 3 / 'Reading' mode - 1
Weight of packed detector, kg
max 1.2
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