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Mobile Versatile Set

Professional forensic tool for experts 

PAPILLON-M features versatility and ample functionality enabled by enlarged configuration of hardware and software.

PAPILLON-M takes up less than a square meter of desk space (0.8 x 1 m). Maximum 5 minutes are necessary to get the workstation ready for operation, including the time for automatic testing.

PAPILLON-M is adapted for efficient operation in any vehicle (mobile crime labs, for instance) – it can be powered with car accumulators through voltage converter or with car on-board power system. If no external power source available, the equipment can operate being powered from batteries.

The hardware includes:

Shockproof case with mounting accessories;
Notebook, mouse, recharger, battery set;
Car power converter, surge protector;
PAPILLON DS-30N fingerprint scanner;
Flatbed scanner (A4 format);
Inkjet printer (A4 format);
Digital camera, recharger, tripod;

The software of the set includes key products of the PAPILLON-series:

PAPILLON Live Scanner (See more);
PAPILLON Filter (See more);
PAPILLON Rastr (See more).
Main characteristics
Dimensions in transport state, mm
795 x 310 x 518
Dimensions in operating state, mm
795 x 750 x 670
Weight, kg