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Full Body X-ray Inspection System

Quick. Efficient. Safe. 

Half a Century Experience Employed in Safe and Reliable X-Ray Body Scanner for Infrastructure Security Applications.

Extremely low dose rate X-ray screening (0,25 usv/scan);
Ability to scan from head to toe without the need to take off coats and shoes thus saving time;
Lead body collapsible construction with X-ray protection;
Does not breech privacy expectations as images do not portray 3D surface of the body;
UV disinfection module inside.

The system does not require putting off vests and shoes, as well as detects even through wet clothes. Excludes transportation of prohibited items in inner space (stomach, etc.). Completely safe for the operator. Detects not only metals, but also explosives and improvised weapons made of non-metal materials.

X-ray dose received by a scanned person is 0.25 μSv which is ten times less than the daily natural background radiation dose and twenty times less than the dose from digital chest x-ray. According to the Radiation Safety Standards, a person can have more than 1000 screening procedures per year without any harm for health.

Main characteristics
Scan time of 1 person, sec
Scan area, mm
Effective dose per scan, microSv
Storage temperature, ˚C
Operating humidity, %
up to 90
Effective penetration, mm
Effective contrast (Cu-ware), mm
System weight, kg
Scanning time, not more, sec
Throughput, up to, people per hour