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Non-contact Parametric Detector

Prevents irretrievable aftermath 

Unbeaten tool for covered crowd investigation for suicide-bomber with body-worn pellet-bombs.

Anker-R is a parametric radio locator, which detects various timing devices: mechanical, electromechanical or electronic in active mode, as well as hidden multiple metallic articles.

Anker-R helps in inspecting suspicious items for RC IED or explosive devices with clock retarders. It is applied as well for individual’s inspection for suicide-bomber with body-worn pellet-bomb.

Anker-R provides prompt inspection of suspicious items and can detect:

mechanical and electromechanical timing devices at the range of up to 5 m;
electronic timing devices at the range of up to 1.2 m;
communication receivers at the range of up to 1.5 m;
multiple metallic articles medley at the range of up to 5 m.
Main characteristics
Output power, mW
Power supply
6 АА elements
Time of operation using one set of power elements, h
at least 20
Operating temperatures, °С
+5 … +40
Dimensions (length / diameter), mm
195 х 195 х 20
Weight (in operating state / in standard case), kg
0.8 / 1.5