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Stationary Vehicle Inspection System

Implementation of all scientific and technical solutions for material discrimination 

Portal relocatable vehicle system with L-shaped detector line and penetrating capacity up to 320 mm in steel for in-line inspection of all types of vehicles including the driver.

high quality and informative images;
possibility of scanning the cab of vehicles with driver;
high throughput of up to 200 vehicles per hour.

The system provides high-quality x-ray images for operational control of vehicles, providing radiation safety to the driver of the scanned vehicle, as well as high throughput. It can take pictures in high spatial resolution, and various image enhancement algorithms allow flexible adjustment of contrast, sharpness and color range without loss of quality.

Main characteristics
Maximum penetration in steel, mm
not less than 320
Detection of steel wire, mm (direct), mm
Number of discriminated groups of materials
Maximal throughput, vehicles per hour
Maximal dimensions of scanned vehicles (L х W х H), m
Power consumption, kVA
Nominal scanning speed, km/h