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Parachute systems for recovery and landing of manned and unmanned space vehicles

The Parachute systems for recovery and landing of manned space vehicles type Vostok, Voschod, Soyuz, for recovery of boosters of rocket launchers Energia, Arian-5 and other space systems provide compactness, high reliability and possibility of limiting of maximum overload.

During design and development of these systems, the following problems have been solved:

  • parachute systems’ deployment at the vehicles subsonic and supersonic speeds (Mach number M<3);
  • functioning of the systems in the altitude range from H = 0-1 km to H=40-50 km;
  • ensurance of the parachute system operation in the atmospheres of the Earth, Mars and Venus.

Relative mass of the parachute systems is:

  • not more than 6-8% at descent velocity of about 7 m/s.
  • not more than 2-3% at descent velocity of 25-30 m/s.
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