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Anti-radiation missile

The Kh-58UShKE anti-radiation missile with a broadband (combined A/A'/B/B'/C frequency band) passive radar seeker and a navigation and automatic control system based on a strapdown navigation system is designed to destroy ground radar stations operating in pulse emission mode in the carrier frequency range of 1.2-11 GHz and in continuous A-band emission mode.

Typical targets for Kh-58UShKE missiles are radars of the Hawk, Nike Hercules, Patriot and other SAM systems.

The Kh-58UShKE can be used both from external stations of modern aircraft equipped with an AKU-58 type aircraft catapult launcher and internal stations (from a UVKU-50 type catapult launcher). Compared with the Kh-58E, the new missile version has an extended maximum firing range.

The Kh-58UShKE missile is designed to equip MiG-35, Su-30MK, Su-32, Su-35 type aircraft. The carrier aircraft must be fitted with a targeting system and fitted with an AKU-58 type catapult launcher. The Kh-58UShKE missile can also be used by advanced multi-role aircraft in internal configuration (from a UVKU-50 type catapult launcher).

The missiles can be used against both preset radar targets and those detected promptly by the carrier aircraft’s acquisition system.

Main characteristics
Firing range, km:
max (at max speed and altitude of 0.2-20 km)
min (from altitude of 0.2 km)
Max missile speed, km/h
Aircraft speed envelope, Mach number
Aircraft altitude envelope, km
from 0.2 to operational ceiling
Probability of missile hitting in a circle of radius 20 m, at least
Target aspect angle on launch, deg
± 15
Launch/warhead weight, kg
Dimensions, m:
ength/ width/height (wings and fins folded)
4,19 х 0,4 х 0,4
body diameter