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Air-to-air missile

The RVV-AE medium-range air-to-air missile is designed to engage air targets (fighters, attack aircraft, bombers, helicopters, military transport aircraft and cruise missiles) from any direction, day or night, against the earth and sea background and in a heavy ECM environment. It is in use on MiG and Sukhoi aircraft.

The missile can intercept targets flying at up to 3,600 km/h. Maximum allowed vertical separation between target and launch platform is ±10 km.

The missile employs the normal aerodynamic configuration with electrically-driven grid control surfaces. The RVV-AE is fitted with an active radar seeker and a radio-updated inertial guidance system, which enables in-flight target lock-on (multichannel capability) and re-targeting of the missile in flight from one target to another. An active radar seeker improves autonomy of the aircraft carrier and effectively implements the fire-and-forget concept.

Main characteristics
Firing range, km:
max (in FHS)
up to 80
min (in RHS)
Target engagement altitude, km
Launch/warhead weight, kg
Guidance system
inertial with mid-course update + terminal active radar homing
Propulsion system
single-mode solid fuel rocket motor
Fuzing device
laser proximity target sensor
Dimensions: length/diameter/wingspan/fin span, m
3,6 х 0,2 х 0,4 х 0,7