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Mobile control post

Reliable automated control of AD missile systems

The 9S482M7 (PU-12М7) is designed for automated control of AD units combat operation at halts and on the move.

The PU-12M7 can be applied as:

missile battery command post;
missile battalion command post;
missile regiment command post.

The 9S482M7 allows informational and technical interaction with a high-level command post and radio-location data sources , as well as controls the following AD missile and artillery short-range systems: "Tor-M1(M2E)", "Osa-AK (AKM)", "Strela-10M2(10M3)", "Tunguska-M1" and their modifications, "Shilka" (modernized), "Igla" MANPADS through automated control assets.

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Main characteristics
Number of targets tracked
up to 120
Simultaneous automated reception, processing, display and match of radio-location data from several sources:
from a high-level command post
up to 60 targets
from a radar
up to 100 targets
from a subordinate command post
up to 60 targets
from a combat vehicle
up to 10 targets
Number of radio-location data sources connected simultaneously:
primary (radar with analog output)
secondary (AD systems, high-level command posts or data communication radars)
up to 8
on highways
at least - 80 km/h
on natural roads, average
20-40 km/h
on float
9 km/h
Continuous operation time
at least 24 h