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"Buk-M2E" (9K317E)

Multichannel multifunctional medium-range air defense missile system of high mobility

Reliability. Multifunctionality. Accuracy.

The modern ADMS can be used for air defense of troops (military facilities) in various types of military operations, administrative and industrial facilities and territories of the country.

"Buk-M2E" system features high probability of engaging air targets and the ability to autonomously use self-propelled firing systems (radars with launcher-loading installations).

"Buk-M2E" ADMS is designed to defeat strategic and tactical airplanes, helicopters including while hovering, cruise missiles and other aerodynamic aircraft across the entire scope of their employment, tactical ballistic and air-launched missiles, and guided bombs in contested electronic and fire-intensive environment as well as to apply fire onto radiocontrast ground and sea targets.

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Main characteristics
Range against aerial targets:
from 3 km to 45 km
Range against tactical ballistic missiles
up to 20 km
Range against cruise missiles at the altitude of 100 m
up to 20 km
The maximum speed of engaged ballistic missiles
1200 m/s
In its full capacity, the system provides for simultaneous engagement of 24 airborne targets flying from any directions at the altitudes from 0.015 km to 25 km.