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Support launcher with the targeting system and night vision device

High efficiency and convenience of combat work.

Support launcher system for firing MANPADS with the implementation of "fire-and-forget" principle, deep secrecy and sustainability in the battlefield.

The Support Launcher provides:

increased fire speed;
increase in the probability of engaging a target in 1.5 times on average due to the launch of 2 missiles in a salvo;
convenience of the gunner’s work;
a 24-hour use in models with night vision;
"Friend-or-foe" identification system in models with ground radio requestor.

The support launcher is designed for deployment, targeting and launching two man-portable air-defence missiles of the Igla-type in a salvo or successively in automatic and manual modes on head-on or pursuing courses from the ground or a special vehicle by one gunner.

Find out more about support launcher "Dzhigit". tel.+7(495) 534 61 83 

Main characteristics
Guidance angles:
by azimuth
from 0 to 360 degrees
by elevation angle
from – 15 to + 60 degrees (line of sight)
Weight of the launcher (without missiles)
128 kg
Dimensions in combat mode:
base diameter at the centers of the tripod supports
2180 mm
1546 mm
width of the tipping part
1304 mm
The Support Launcher allows to train the gunners with the use of training man-portable air-defense missiles
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