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Air defence missile system S-300VM


The Antey-2500 long-range mobile multichannel air defence missile system (ADMS) is designed to engage current and future tactical and strategic aircraft (including those incorporating STEALTH technology), intermediate ballistic missiles (IRBM), theater ballistic missiles, tactical ballistic missiles (TBM), aeroballistic and cruise missiles as well as airborne early warning and control aircraft, reconnaissance-strike systems and loitering ECM platforms.

The ADMS is capable of conducting independent operations and is a self-contained anti-ballistic missile module providing the destruction of the intermediate- and shorter-range BMs with launch ranges up to 2,500 km.


  • detection and designation unit (DDU) consisting of the 9S457ME command post (CP), 9S15ME all-round surveillance radar and 9S19ME sector surveillance radar;
  • up to 4 surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems, each including the 9S32ME multi-channel missile guidance radar (MMGR), up to 6 TELARs (transporter erector launcher and radar) each with four 9M83ME SAMs in transport-launch containers (TLC) assigned to the MMGR, and up to 6 TEL/Transloaders carrying each two 9M82ME or 9M82MDE SAMs in TLCs and paired to each of the TELARs;
  • maintenance facilities;
  • training aids.

The Antey-2500 ADMS is generally deployed at a battalion level and may include the DDU and up to four batteries (SAM systems).

The SAMs use a combined flight control method: inertial guidance with mid-course updates and semi-active homing in the terminal phase of flight.

The missile’s warhead is exploded by a semi-active radio fuze with regard to target-missile relative velocity and target type.

The SAMs are largely common in design and differ in first stage boosters, equipment parameters and maximum engagement range.

The Antey-2500’s combat assets are mounted on common tracked all-terrain chassis fitted with built-in navigation equipment.

Main characteristics
Target detection capabilities for ADMS’ 9S15ME/ 9S19ME/9S32ME type radars, km:
max range
up to 500/400/400
max altitude
up to 60/240/250
Simultaneously tracked target paths, pcs.
up to 65
Simultaneously provided target designations, pcs.
up to 24
Simultaneously engaged targets/missiles guided by one SAM system, pcs.
up to 6/12
Engagement envelope for aerodynamic targets, km:
in range for 9M83ME/9M82ME SAMs
up to 120-130/200-250
in range for 9M82MDE SAM
up to 350
in altitude
up to 30
Engagement range for ballistic missiles, km:
up to 40
theater BM, IRBM (9M82ME, 9M82MDE SAMs)
up to 30
Max target speed, m/s
up to 4800
SAM warhead weight, kg
Prelaunch procedure time, s
Time between missile launches from one/different launchers, s
Combat asset travelling speed, km/h
up to 50
ADMS emplacement (displacement) time, min
not more than 6