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Air defence missile system S-125-2M


The S-125-2M Pechora-2M surface-to-air missile (SAM) system is designed to provide air defence for military, administrative and industrial installations against aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles flying at low altitudes, including stealthy ones, in a simple and severe electronic countermeasures environment.

The upgrading efforts have resulted in:

  • better firing performance through a larger engagement area and a higher target kill probability due to the use of the upgraded 5V27D (5V27DЕ) SAM;
  • enhanced survivability of the SAM system through the use of new electronic and electro-optical devices, electronic counter-countermeasures (ECCM) equipment, and shorter inter-van cabling;
  • improved tactical mobility of the SAM system by mounting its main assets on a wheeled chassis with autonomous power supply equipment, satellite navigation equipment and also due to considerable reduction in emplacement / displacement time;
  • higher operation reliability and reconditioning through the use of modern circuit components in most of the equipment;
  • improved operational performance through condition monitoring automation and reduction in maintenance time;
  • better opportunities for spare parts supply for a long period of time.


Pechora-2M’s main assets include an antenna post of the missile guidance radar, a control van and up to eight self-propelled launchers. The targets are selected for engagement by the Pechora-2M according to the data coming from an external target acquisition radar. Missile is controlled in flight by the radio-command method.

For better survivability of the Pechora-2M when the enemy uses antiradar missiles, diverting transmitters, which are part of the specially developed ECCM system, are used.

Main characteristics
Target engagement altitude, km
Maximum engagement range, km:
at altitude of 0,5 km
at altitude of 5-20 km
up to 32
Target engagement range, km
target with RCS=2m² without jamming
target in environments of active noise jamming with a maximum total power of 2000 W/MHz against a background of antenna radiation pattern (jamming station at the distance 100 km)
Automatic tracking of target in day and night time
Probability of diverting antiradar missiles by ECCM system (attack from two directions)
0,96 to 0,98
Emplacement / displacement time, min
not more than 25
Mean time till failure of newly installed equipment, h
not less than 2000