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S-350E “Vityaz”
S-350E “Vityaz” Air Defence Missile System


The S-350E "Vityaz" air defense missile system possesses high tactical and technical performace characteristics, allowing it to be used for the defence of administrative, industrial and military facilities from massive strikes of modern and advanced air attack weapons.

The air defence system is capable of simultaneously repelling strikes of various types of air attack weapons from any direction (circular mode) in the entire range of altitudes of their flight - from extremely low to high altitudes.

Types of engaged aerodynamic targets:
aircraft of tactical and strategic aviation, including those made using the Stealth technology;
cruise missiles;
unmanned aerial vehicles;
aviation weapons.

Types of engaged ballistic targets:
tactical ballistic missiles;
operational-tactical ballistic missiles.

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Main characteristics
Range of engagement (max / min)
aerodynamic targets:
SAM 9M96E2
120 / 2.5 km
SAM 9M100E
15 / 1.5 km
ballistic targets with SAM 9M96E2
25/5 km
Altitude of engagement (max / min):
aerodynamic targets:
SAM 9M96E2
25 / 0.01 km
SAM 9M100E
8 / 0.01 km
ballistic targets with SAM 9M96E2
20/2 km
Maximum speed of engaged targets
2000 m / s
Maximum number of simultaneously:
engaged aerodynamic targets
engaged ballistic targets
guided missiles at aerodynamic targets
guided missiles at ballistic targets