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S-400 "Triumph"

S-400 air defense missile system with 48N6E3 (48N6E2), 40N6E, 9M96E2 anti-aircraft guided missiles and 30K6E control system

Designed for triumph 

Large range and high altitude of air targets destruction, multi-channel, high mobility and survivability.

The S-400 air defense system is universal for destroying all types of aerodynamic targets and ballistic missiles with a launch range of up to 3,000 - 3,500 km.

S-400 ADMS is designed for defeating existing and prospective means of air attack:

electronic warfare aircraft;
airborne early warning and control systems;
reconnaissance aircraft acting both in individual capacity and as parts of target acquisition and fire control systems;
strategic bombers;
tactical, short- and medium-range ballistic missiles;
other means of air attack in contested electronic environment.

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Main characteristics
Range (max/min):
against aerodynamic targets
380/2,5 km
against ballistic targets
60/5 km
Altitude limits (max/min):
against aerodynamic targets
30/0,01 km
against ballistic targets
25/2 km
Target speed
up to 4800 m/s
The number of simultaneously engaged targets/ guided missiles:
SAM in its full set
up to 80/160
separate ADMS (division)
up to 10/20