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Air defence missile system S-400


The S-400 Triumph mobile multichannel air defence missile system (ADMS) is designed to engage current and future air threats: aircraft jammers, early-warning and direction aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft (including those that are part of reconnaissance-strike complexes), strategic aircraft carrying airborne missiles, tactical and operational-tactical ballistic missiles, medium-range ballistic missiles and other air attack vehicles in a heavy ECM environment.


The Triumph ADMS consists of the 30K6E battle management system, six 98ZH6E SAM systems, ammunition load comprising the 48N6E3 and (or) 48N6E2 surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) and 30Ts6E maintenance facilities. The use of the 48N6E SAM is possible.

In order to use the Triumph ADMS in the foreign customer’s defence system, the appropriate changes to equipment, software and operational documentation may be made in accordance with established procedure.

The Triumph ADMS is capable of engaging targets both independently and in cooperation with higher command posts or external radar data sources.

Main characteristics
Target detection range, km
± 600
Number of simultaneously tracked targets
± 300
Max target speed, m/s
Number of simultaneously:
engaged targets
± 36
guided missiles
± 72
Engagement range, km:
aerodynamic target
ballistic target
Min/max engagement altitude, km:
aerodynamic target
ballistic target
Continuous operation time (with refueling)
Travel speed of ADMS components in self-propelled mode, km/h:
hard-surface road
± 60
soil road
± 40
across country
± 25
Emplacement/displacement time (combat assets), min
Operating temperature range, ºС