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Mobile automated system for radio, radio-technical and special monitoring of information protection efficiency and electromagnetic environment evaluation based on special equipment

Protection against adversary technical reconnaissance 

The Dzudoist system provides for solution of one of the main EW tasks – radio electronic protection of communications and control links against technical reconnaissance of the enemy.

The Dzudoist system is designed for detection and positioning of radio signal sources, blocking of technical and side channels of data leakage, and also for checking the compatibility with the requirements for countermeasures against technical reconnaissance of foreign countries.

The system can be used for comprehensive technical monitoring at important state and military facilities with the key task to prevent leakage of classified information.

When deployed at communications field stations the Dzudoist controls communications security and protection of established operation modes of radio objects.

Employing the system as part of the Special Forces helps significantly increase efficiency and covertness of operations when fulfilling special tasks of technical control over protected zones and objects.

The system is equipped with different radio and radio-technical monitoring means, broadband receivers and spectrum analyzers.

The system incorporates three automated workstations – for radio and radio-technical monitoring, technical analysis and special control.

The dedicated software installed at the workstations promptly processes information outputting control results and electromagnetic spectrum analysis data on a digital terrain map an also identifies signal sources.
Main characteristics
Radio and radio-technical monitoring frequency range, MHz
0.1 to 18,000
Spurious electromagnetic radiation and blasts frequency range, MHz
0.01 to 20,000
Acoustic and vibroacoustic monitoring frequency range, Hz
10 to 20,000
Mean square error of direction finding, deg.
not more than 2-3