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Items 1L266E, 1L265E, 1L269E, 1RL257E
Ground mobile electronic warfare system against airborne radars

Invisible arm against high-tech enemy

Highly-efficient counteraction to aviation intelligence assets - surveillance and strike aircrafts and UAVs

Ground mobile electronic warfare system against airborne radars is designed to conduct signal intelligence; determine, in conjunction with friendly radars, priority targets to be jammed; distribute targets; and subsequently deploy electronic countermeasures against airborne radars. Structural parts of the system provide for fulfillment of the following tasks:
control post of jamming modules 1L266E – control of jamming modules and jamming units;
surveillance module 1L265E – detection, direction finding and parameterization of signals of airborne radio emitters;
ground jamming module 1L269E – electronic jamming of radars within its frequency bandwidth;
ground jamming module 1RL257E – electronic jamming of airborne radars to deny surveillance of friendly ground and small aerial assets.

Specific Complex composition (full or reduced) is defined by the tasks facing EW units.

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Main characteristics
Item 1L266E:
Number of controlled jamming units
Item 1L265E:
Working frequency bandwidth, GHz
Item 1L269E:
Working frequency bandwidth, GHz
Range, km
up to 250
Item 1RL257E:
Operating wavelength range, cm