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"Podlet-E" (48YA6-K1E)
Automated 3D low-altitude omnidirectional radar

Reliable reconnaissance of air assault means.

Detects a wide class of air targets, receiving flight information from air objects. Used to equip Air Defense and Air Forces units.

The radar has high noise immunity and is able to work in various modes of space scanning.

"Podlet-E" automated 3D low-altitude radar is designed to be fitted in automated and manual control systems of the Air Defense and Air Force for automatic (semi-automatic) detection, coordinates management, tracking, state attribution (identification), flight information obtaining from aerial objects and prospective low-altitude means of air attack, including stealth ones, in forested and moderately rugged terrain and contested jamming and fire-intensive environment.

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Main characteristics
Radar envelope:
2…200 or 2…300 km
360 deg
elevation angle
-2…25* or -7…12 deg**
radial speed
30 (50 in broadened null) – 4400 km/h
scanning interval
5±0,5 or 10±0,5 sec
* additional tracking – up to 45 deg
** additional tracking – up to 25 deg