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Mobile three-range radar of decametric waves of  medium and high altitude

The newest radar with greater capabilities.

59N6-TE is able to detect a great number of different objects including hypervelocity targets. It is ideal for equipping radio-engineering units.

59N6-TE is constructed for:

detecting and tracking aerodynamic, ballistic and hypervelocity targets;
measuring the distance, azimuth and altitudes of the targets;
operating in the interference environment;
direction finding noise interference sources;
automatic and semi-automatic capture and tracking the targets;
defining eight classes of targets including selection of the anti-radiation missile and warning the combat crew about the danger.

The aim of the mobile 59N6-TE radar system is to equip the radio-engineering units during the operating as a part of automated groups, to solve the tasks of supplying the air-defense systems and fighter aviation with the radar data. The radar system can be organized in mobile, stationary modes and on the support altitude.

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Main characteristics
Visibility zone:
by distance
8-450 km
by azimuth
360 degrees
by altitude
to 200 km
by location angle
from -2 to 45 degrees
Vision period
5 or 10 seconds