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Mobile one meter wavelengths "standby" mode radar system with active solid-state electronically scanned antenna array

Qualitative reconnaissance of air objects.

A next-generation radar based on the latest developments in the field of radiolocation, computer technologies and components.

Distinctive Characteristics:

totally digital signal processing;
a flexible adaptation of the signal processing system in the interference environment;
adaptive suppression of side lobes of antenna directional pattern.

"Nebo-SVU" is constructed for automatic detection, coordinate measuring and tracking of a wide range of modern air objects including strategic and tactical aviation, subtle targets (based on stealth-technology as well), class identification, defining their state ownership, direction finding active noise interference sources, delivery of the radar data.

Find out more about "Nebo-SVU" radar system. tel.+7(495) 534 61 83 

Main characteristics
VHF (1 Meter)
Visibility area:
by distance
to 360 km
by azimuth
to 360 degrees
by altitude
to 40 km (vision), to 140 km (tracking)
by location angle
to 15 degrees (vision), to 45 degrees (tracking)
Vision period
5, 10, 20 seconds
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