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P-18-2 (1RL131-2)
Surveillance and targeting radar

Accuracy. Maneuverability. Interference protection.

P-18-2 radar has enhanced capabilities for detecting targets, made using the Stealth technology. It can be used by radio engineering units.

P-18-2 radar is highly mobile and able to receive additional flight information from airborne transponders using the integrated secondary radars.

Mobile 2D surveillance and targeting radar P-18-2 is designed for:

detection, tracking, coordinates measurement (range and azimuth), and state identification of air objects in active and passive jamming environment, active noise jammer direction finding;
data support of end users’ automatic and manual control systems as well as autonomous performance in signal intelligence units.

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Main characteristics
Frequency range
Detection range of an air object with radar cross-section of 2,6 sq.m. in no interference, at least, for altitudes:
3,000 m
130 km
10,000 m
230 km
20,000 m
320 km
Azimuth coverage
0-360 deg
Upper limit of detection zone in elevation
at least 30 deg