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Remote-controlled combat module

Efficient RWS boasting modern fire control system

RWS of a modular design featuring armour protection of the turret enhances performance and diversity of use

The 32G01 remote-controlled module is designed for installation on wheeled and tracked combat vehicles, boats and vessels, or as stationary mounts to fulfill the tasks of:

► reconnaissance, target detection and situation awareness;
► engagement of manpower in individual body armour, fire weapons, soft-skin and lightly armoured vehicles.

The station is configured as two blocks: a combat module and an operator's workstation.

The combat module includes:

► a 12.7 mm machine gun block on a turntable;
► sighting unit;
► platform with laying drives;
► ammunition feeding system.

The operator's control panel displays all service and video information, calculations of firing corrections, as well as system health monitoring data.

The 32G01 can be armed with the KPVT 14.5 mm machine gun with a reduced ammunition load.

Main characteristics
machine gun
Caliber, mm
12.7 / 14.5
Ammunition load, cartr.
800 / 400
Target detection range, m, day / night
up to 3,000 / up to 1,500
Laying angles, deg.:
Total weight, kg (w/o ammunition)
not more than 1,000