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Remote-controlled Reconnaissance and Combat Platform

Timely mission fulfillment in modern conditions

The DPV-RBP platform is a remote-controlled weapon station (RWS) designed for installation on combat vehicles, both tracked and wheeled, boats and vessels, as well as stationary objects.

The platform ensures fulfillment of the following tasks:

► target reconnaissance and detection, observation of the target environment in different climatic zones and terrain types;
► engagement of manpower (protected with personal body armour) and fire weapons, but also damaging soft-skin and lightly armoured vehicles of the enemy.

The DPV-RBP RWS is produced in two versions with armament of either 7.62 or 12.7 mm calibers.

The equipment to be installed inside the vehicle weighs only 35 kg.

Main characteristics
machine gun
Caliber, mm
7.62 / 12.7
optional / 2-plane
Ammunition load, cartr.
500 / 300
Total weight, kg (w/o ammunition)
250 / 280