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Fire Support Combat Vehicle (FSCV)

Centre Forward of Any Operation

The BMPT Fire Support Combat Vehicle considerably augments firepower, safety and combat capabilities of any unit and crowns any of your operations with success.

BMPT Fire Support Combat Vehicle is designed to provide fire support to tank and infantry units, detect and destroy concealed and dispersed targets on the battlefield. BMPT has weapon systems capable of engaging heavy armoured ground and aerial targets, and fortifications. However, its main mission (and advantage) is to detect and destroy highly concealed targets before they can inflict damage on your forces.

The Combat Vehicle has a cutting edge all weather/day and night sighting system, two 30mm 2A42 automatic cannons, four supersonic laser guided missiles, a 7.62mm PKT machine gun and two 30mm remotely-controlled, vertically-stabilized automatic grenade launchers. BMPT has substantial protection against anti-tank weapon systems, as of now, no combat vehicles have similar all-round, top of the class protection.

Main characteristics
Weight with ammo
47 t
1,000 hp
Top Road Speed
65 km/h
Cruising range
550 km