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Armoured Obstacle Clearing Vehicle (AOCV)

Breaching the Way Through

IMR-3M is the ultimate multipurpose engineering vehicle with the whole variety of equipment to make any military or civilian mission a success.

The IMR-ЗМ vehicle is intended for supporting troops advancing through areas destroyed by nuclear, chemical or conventional weapons, as well as during search and rescue operations after natural and man-made disasters including accidents at atomic power plants. IMR-ЗМ is a tracked armoured vehicle developed on the T-72 tank platform, which is famous for its robustness, reliability and serviceability. It is equipped with 12.7mm KORD HMG which engages ground targets with proper accuracy at distances of up to 2,000 m and aerial targets up to 1,500 m. The engineering equipment includes a 360̊ rotating telescopic boom with excavation gear, bulldozing kit and track-width mine plow, etc.

Main characteristics
Weight (with a mine plow)
48 t (49.5)
840/618 hp/kW
Top Road Speed
60 km/h
Cruising range
500 km
Boom capacity
2,000 kg