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Universal combat engineer vehicle

Tough Guy among Engineer Materiel

The UBIM universal combat engineer vehicle is designed to ensure advancement of troops and perform engineering work under enemy fire, even over radioactively contaminated terrain.

This system can replace a whole set of engineer materiel, including armoured engineer vehicles, tracklayers, armoured recovery vehicles and mine clearing vehicles.

The UBIM fulfills the following missions:

breaking ways in rock roadblocks and tree entanglements over median terrains and in forested and mountainous areas;
filling up ditches, craters, gullies and other obstacles;
arranging approaches on river and ravine banks with a height of up to 6 m;
digging up soil and loading construction materials into containers and vehicles;
tree felling, stump extraction during passage clearing operations in the bush and undergrowth;
paving operations on rough terrains;
autonomous negotiating of reactive obstacles with non-contact magnetic fuzes;
delivering fire against surface and air targets;
removing damaged and stuck vehicles and materiel.

The UBIM is fitted with an assortment of organic equipment, most notably a utility dozer blade and a multi-purpose arm with a powerful full-circle claw-type bucket.

Moreover, the vehicle is equipped with an electric witch of 25 tf pulling force with a rope of 100 m length and a hydraulic jackhammer that is used for ripping rocky grounds and destruction of stone, reinforced concrete and concrete constructions.

Main characteristics
Curb vehicle weight, t
Total vehicle weight with detachable equipment and add-on protection, t
Seats for sappers
remote-controlled weapon station with the Kord 12.7 mm MG
TV-thermal imaging with a laser rangefinder
Ammunition allowance, cartr.
Dozer blade width in different positions, mm