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Integrated Communication Equipment Vehicle

Secure communication and stable interaction

A new generation of mobile command posts to ensure operational and covert information interaction between units and subdivisions of various law enforcement agencies during special operations.

The integrated communication equipment vehicle has digital HF and VHF radio communication means from the Akveduk complex, AZID-5TsM containerized radio relay station, a satellite communication station.

Additionally the P-144MSN is equipped with radio access devices using DECT technology and digital transmission systems which ensure connection of the equipment vehicle to the infrastructure of civil communications networks. And it makes it possible to significantly increase the stability of command and control during special operations in cities and towns with an expanded infrastructure of radiotelephone communication networks.

The use of modern digital small-sized communication facilities made it possible to:

significantly reduce the weight of the communication equipment vehicle,
drastically reduce power consumption,
provide comfortable working conditions for officials and the crew.

The integrated communication equipment is mounted on the transport base of the KAMAZ vehicle in the K1.4320D box body (at the request of the customer, another equivalent van body and chassis can be used).

Main characteristics
Number of VHF radio channels
up to 3
Number of HF radio channels
Number of radio relay links
Number of DECT radio channels
Number of satellite communications channels
up to 2
Deployment time for operation on the move / at halt, min.
5 / 70
Weight, not more than, kg