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Modernized complex of technical means

Provides automated adaptive HF radio communication

Long-range HF band radio communication system to be used as part of stationary communication hubs and radio centers

The complex includes:

a set of the KPO.1 radio receiving equipment;
RPDU-m1 radio transmitting device;
PMU-m local control panel.

In the modernized model of the complex, the designers achieved a significant reduction in the time needed for tuning the transmitter in frequency and a decrease in the weight and size characteristics of the equipment included in it.

Input of initial data for radio communication, control of the state of receiving and transmitting equipment, as well as automatic sounding of radio communication channels is carried out remotely from an automated workstation PMU-m.

The product provides the possibility of combined and remote use of receiving and transmitting equipment as part of radio centers for various purposes. Component parts of the product are designed for use in stationary, constantly heated structures.

Main characteristics
Frequency band, MHz
1.5 – 29,999
Number of programmed channels
up to 200
Transmitter output power, W
Data transmission rate, kbit/s
up to 9.6
Power supply
single-phase and three-phase alternating current network 380 V 50 Hz
Operating temperature range, ºC
Weight of components, kg: