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Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Guided Missile System (ATGM)

Enhanced Armour Penetration at Extended Range

The Khrizantema-S Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Guided Missile System was developed to ensure your total dominance on the battlefield over enemy’s present day and perspective Armour.

Khrizantema-S is designed for combating modern and future tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other light armoured targets, engineering constructions, fast boats, low-altitude and low-speed aerial targets, manpower in shelters and in the open, day and night, in any weather, in dusty and smoky air.

The system includes the following assets:
tracked combat vehicle 
9M123 ATGMs with tandem shaped-charge warhead
9M123F ATGMs with HEAT warhead
testing and maintenance assets for the vehicle and missiles
training facilities.

Two targets can be engaged simultaneously due to modern target detection and guidance systems (one via automatic radar and another via semi-automatic laser-beam channel). The agility of the platform is another advantage against heavy armoured vehicles.

Main characteristics
Loading of the Launcher
Ammo Load
15 missiles
Maximum firing range
6,000 m
Rate of fire
up to 4 missiles per minute