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2S25 125mm Upgraded Self-propelled Antitank Gun

Powerful. Amphibious. Agile.

State of the Art design solutions allow to combine great firepower and modern armour with high maneuverability and amphibious capability.

SPTP 2S25M has powerful weapon systems, modern automated fire control system, state-of-the-art armour protection, robust engine and transmission, and efficient chassis. SPTP 2S25M is intended for fire support of units fighting against heavily armoured materiel, destruction of enemy strongholds and fortifications, battle reconnaissance and combat security.

The 125mm 2A75 cannon can fire guided missiles, APFSDS, HEAT and HEF projectiles. For smaller targets there is a Remote Controlled Weapon Station with 7.62mm MG and a 7.62mm coaxial MG. The SPTP 2S25M is equipped with all necessities to successfully accomplish tasks in any climate and terrain. Due to great combat capabilities and performance the SPTP 2S25M can be efficiently used by the Marines and Land Forces.   

Main characteristics
19 (25±2) t
450 hp
Top road speed
70 km/h
Cruising range
500 km
Floating time
7 h