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Drok 2S41
82 mm self-propelled mortar

High mobility and enhanced protection of the mortar squad

The Drok 82 mm self-propelled mortar is intended for defeating enemy personnel, firing assets and soft-skin targets, as well as for blinding observation posts and smoke screening of illuminated areas.

The Drok is equipped with an 82 mm breech-loaded mortar. The mortar turret offers sufficient depression for use in the direct-fire role.

The armoured vehicle (K-4386 Typhoon-VDV) also has a remotely operated weapon station fitted with a 7.62 mm machine gun for close-in protection, enabling the crew to engage targets independently of the mortar turret. On the roof there are two banks of six smoke grenade dispensers for protection against laser threats.

The 2S41 is equipped with a modern fire control system that provides calculation of firing data. All operations to prepare fire are carried out from the fighting compartment, many are automated.

The mortar can fire conventional 82 mm ammunition, as well as new bombs with increased power and range. There is an additional 82 mm mortar with a bipod and baseplate stored in the vehicle. It can be used in the field by the dismounts.

Main characteristics
Maximum firing range, m
Elevation angles, deg.
Azimuth angles, deg.
Ammunition allowance
82 mm bombs
up to 64
7.62 mm cartridges
Gross vehicle weight, kg
Chassis load capacity, kg
Maximum speed, km/h
at least 100