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Automated jammer against INMARSAT, IRIDIUM satellite communication system and NAVSTAR (GPS) satellite radio navigation system users

The R-330ZH automated jammer provides solutions to the following tasks:

  • automated detection, direction finding and analysis of radio emitter signals in the operating frequency range;
  • electronic countermeasures (ECM) against portable and mobile ground stations (subscriber terminals) of satellite communication systems (SCS) INMARSAT, IRIDIUM, basic stations of cellular communication system GSM-1800 and navigation equipment of consumers of satellite radio positioning system NAVSTAR (GPS);
  • automated telecode information exchange with a similar interfaced jammer for synchronous direction finding of radio emitters for calculating their coordinates;
  • automated telecode information exchange with a higher control post in order to receive a jamming mission and report the jamming results;
  • automatic equipment testing and detection of faulty elements (components);
  • maintaining map data with display of information on the detected radio emitters on the background of electronic terrain map or in the orthogonal grid.

The automated jammer consists of the equipment vehicle and antenna trailer.

R-330ZH jammer modes:

  • standalone operation;
  • operation in a pair with a similar item as a master station;
  • operation in a pair with a similar item as a slave station;
  • independently and in a pair with a similar item under control of the R-330KMA-type control post.
Main characteristics
Frequency band, MHz:
in radio surveillance
100 to 2000;
in radio jamming
1227,6; 1575,42; от 1500 до 1900;
Radio emitter bearing error, deg
not more than 3
Frequency band scanning rate, MHz/s:
in detection mode
not less than 800
in direction finding mode
not less than 400
Total energy potential of four active transmit phased arrays, W
not less than 6000
Number of qausi-simultaneously radiated jamming signals
not more than 12
Beam angle of each of the 4 active transmit phased arrays, deg:
90 to 120 in azimuth; up to 20 in elevation
Ground user equipment jamming range, km
Airborne user equipment jamming range, km
not less than 50
Telecode information exchange rate, bit/s
not less than 1200
Standard transport vehicle
URAL-43203 truck
Power supply:
generator trailer
220/380 V, 50 Hz
industrial power system
emergency power supply of radio surveillance and radio communication equipment
Power consumption (when powered from AC power system), kW:
w/o life-support system
not more than 2,5
with life-support system
not more than 10
Emplacement (displacement) time, min
not more than 40
Mean time between failures, h
not less than 1600
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