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7.62mm Kalashnikov Assault Rifle

Legendary Design, Better Performance

Highly reliable classical Kalashnikov Assault Rifle with 7.62x39mm ammunition for Infantry and other troops with better ergonomics and modern materials.

The AK-103 is a basic infantry assault rifle with robust mechanics and modern features. The design of the forehand provides better versatility as it has tactical rails for various accessories and devices. Folding buttstock augments tactical capabilities of the operator and provides wider selection of transportation. 7.62x39mm magazines from previous AK generations are compatible with AK-103, which increases combat readiness and interchangeability, and may save soldier's life in battle. Most of the design and material solutions implemented in the AK-103 are common for the 100th series of Kalashnikov Rifles. Metal parts undergo special treatment and finishing in order to resist corrosion even under harshest possible weather conditions.

Accuracy and reliability have always been the merits of the AK platform and this generation is no exception.

Main characteristics
Empty weight
3.6 kg
Sighting range
1000 m
30 rounds