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7.62mm Modernized Dragunov Sniper Rifle

Classics with Modern Twists

SVDM is a modern iteration of the legendary Dragunov platform based on a reliable gas-operated system with chrome-plated bore and cartridge chambers.

The 7.62mm Modernized Dragunov Sniper Rifle is a redesigned classical sniper rifle which augments offensive and defensive capabilities, combat security and the range of engagement of infantry and other forces.

The sniper rifle is equipped with a Picatinny rail which widens the selection of day/night sights and enhances effective range drastically. An adjustable and folding buttstock, pistol grip and folding bipod increase ergonomics and rifle's stability.

Bright design and material solutions insure perfect balance between thicker and heavier barrel (for higher accuracy and reliability) and lighter and shock-resistant polymer parts (for lower weight and higher resilience). SVDM follows modern trends in versatility and can be equipped with various muzzle devices.
Main characteristics
Empty weight (with optics)
5.3 kg
Sighting range (with optics)
1300 m
10 rounds