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АK-176 МА-01
76-mm shipborne artillery gun mount  

Shot-to-kill. No misfires.

New horizons for the well-tested system

High rate of fire;
Highly accurate;
Substantial fire power;
Unmanned combat compartment.

АK-176 МА-01 represents further development of the well-established AK-176M artillery gun mount. The production technology of АK-176 МА-01 has been well-mastered over the years of AK-176M manufacturing. As the result high reliability is ensured.

Artillery gun mount is designed for surface-ships and boats. Fast change of feeding belts (with different types of rounds) is the distinguishing advantage of the system. Thanks to this feature the system can rapidly switch between engaging surface and aerial targets. Stealth technologies are used in production of the gun turret.

АK-176 МА-01 is the reliable shipborne artillery gun mount comprising time-tested technologies and modern advancements.

Main characteristics
Full mass, t
Ammunition load, un.
Range of fire, vertical/horizontal, km
11,6 /15,7
Rate of fire, rpm
Guidance angles azimuth/elevation, deg.
from -15° .... +85°
Guidance speed elevation/azimuth, deg./sec.
Types of rounds:
AA HE fragmentation shell with radio-fuse
HE fragmentation shell with impact fuse