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The 30mm twin automatic shipborne gun mount


The 30mm AK-630M-2 twin automatic shipborne gun mount remotely controlled from radar or EO fire control systems and a sighting station (a back-up control station) is designed to equip surface ships of various classes and perform the following primary tasks: engage anti-ship missiles, aircraft, helicopters and other enemy air threats, destroy small surface targets and floating mines; kill visible open enemy manpower and firing points on the shore. Depending on tasks, firing can be done either separately by each automatic gun or simultaneously by the two guns. In combat mode, the gun mount operation is fully automated, except for the belt filling and loading operations.

The materials used and the gun mount design provide its low magnetic and reduced radar signature.


  • high rate of fire (up to 10,000 rds/min);
  • large reserve of ready-to-fire ammunition (4,000 rounds);
  • high air target kill probability, due to a high rate of fire and a "cloud" of projectiles killing the target;
  • small size and weight of the gun mount;
  • depending on the selected firing mode, the capability of firing one gun (4,000-5,000 rds/min) or two guns (8,000-10,000 rds/min) using various types of ammunition;
  • low radar signature through the use of stealth technology in the gun mount’s external appearance;
  • the possibility of installing the AK-630M-2 gun mount instead of the previously delivered AK-630M.
Main characteristics
two 30mm six-barrel AO-18 automatic AA cannons
Rate of fire, rds/min:
two gun mounts
one gun mount
Number of rounds in bursts:
two gun mounts
one gun mount
Max range of fire, m
Laying angles, max, deg:
-25 to +90
Muzzle velocity, m/s
Ammunition load, rds
Gun mount weight (w/o ammunition), kg
Weight of the belted ammunition load in two magazines, kg
3836 (1918x2)