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The 1650 diesel-electric submarine


The Amur 1650 diesel-electric submarine belongs to a new generation of Russian non-nuclear submarines. It is designed for defeating enemy naval surface combatants, transports and submarines, as well as for conducting reconnaissance teams. The Amur 1650 submarine is capable of carrying out appropriate missions across the World Ocean in any weather, without restriction. 


The submarine carrying a powerful sonar system enjoys such features as low noisiness, a large scale automation level, an ability to use both torpedoes and the Club-S missile system. The submarine weapon load includes anti-ship cruise missiles, versatile deep-water torpedoes and mines. The submarine is capable of engaging land-based targets deep in the enemy territory. The submarine automated command information system develops and feeds data necessary to launch missiles and torpedoes. 

A provision is made for fitting the Amur 1650 submarine with a fuel cell air-independent propulsion system making it possible to extend its underwater navigation up to 20 days. 

The sonar highly sensitive sound locating antenna is placed in the submarine forward end, and this sonar system capabilities are much better compared to those of similar submarines. 

The periscope module includes an attack periscope with optical and video links (night vision included) and an optronic non-penetrating mast. Antennas for receiving signals from radars and satellite navigation systems are also placed in the mast. 

The navigation system comprising GLONASS and GPS receivers enables to accurately locate the submarine present position and its motion parameters necessary for safe navigation and weapons employment. 

The automated radio communication system includes a trailed antenna for receiving secure command signals and data messages at depths down to 100 meters. 

The officers and other complement members are accommodated in cabins. The air ventilation and conditioning systems maintain the complement’s comfort and cool the equipment in warm waters.

Main characteristics
Normal displacement, t
Submerged full speed, knots
Diving depth, max, m
Torpedo tubes, pcs.
Weapon load missiles/torpedoes/mines, pcs. (caliber, mm)
18 (533)
Basic dimensions, m:
Submerged range, n. m.:
surfaced mode (snorkel) at cruising speed of 7 knots
air-independent propulsion
up to 2800
Endurance, days