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Diesel-electric submarine based on project 677E

Silent threat

Embodiment of the best Russian submarine building technological advancements

Well-balanced and powerful armament;
Low noisiness, small sonar and radar trace;
Control over the submarine and armament is highly automated;
Hi-tech are used.

Amur-1650 is the brand-new class of submarines, where the latest technologies and materials are used.

The submarine is effective against groups of ships and can efficiently search for submarines and destroy them. Amur-1650 as well can deliver strikes against critical land facilities and set minefields.

Low noisiness and perfect sonar system ensure pre-emptive detection of an enemy.


Club – S integrated missile system:
Range of fire, km – 300.

UGST torpedoes:
Range of fire, km – 50;
Ammunition load 533 mm, un. – 18.

Lira sonar system with a towed low-frequency antenna.

KRМ-66E radar.

Acquisition of hi-tech Amur-1650 submarine extends the State’s sea power.
Main characteristics
Normal displacement, t
Main dimensions (length, beam, height), m
Operational depth, m
Speed submerged/surface, kts.
Range using diesels/batteries, miles
Number of torpedoes 533 mm, un.