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Project 12418 Molniya
Missile boat

Light-speed. Deadly-strike.

Small size rapid sea-fighter

Powerful missile and artillery armament;
Substantial seaworthiness, outstanding speed performance and maneuverability all tested in real conditions;
Ergonomic and economic propulsion plant with flexible change of operating modes;
Comfortable living conditions for the crew.

Project 12418 has best in class fire power.

Uran-E missile system can deliver destructive missile strikes aiming missiles at six targets simultaneously.

Availability of active and passive radar channels for Mineral-ME radar ensure flexible target data generation strategy.

Comfortable living conditions for the crew and substantial sailing range ensure ship’s operation from afar a naval base.


Uran-E missile system with X-35UE anti-ship missiles:
Range of fire, km - 260,
Ammunition load, missiles - 8.

АK-176МА-01 artillery gun mount 1х1 76,2 mm:
Range of fire, km - 15,7.

АK-630М two artillery gun mounts 1х6 30 mm:
Range of fire, km – 5.

Mineral-ME radar:
Sea-surface target detection range, km – up to 450.

Pozitiv-ME 1.2 3D radar:
Air target detection range, km – 150.

Bagira MP-123-02 fire control radar system.

Even the most powerful sea-enemy can’t feel safe from unexpected and vehement attacks of Project 12418 boats.

Main characteristics
Full displacement, t
Main dimensions (length, beam, draft), m
Maximum speed/economical, kts.
Range, miles
Endurance, days
Seaworthiness, points