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4.5 mm underwater pistol

The SPP-1M underwater pistol is designed to destroy enemy personnel at ranges of up to 17 m under water (depending on diving depth) and for self-defenсe on the ground at ranges up to 20 m. Firing under water is possible from all swimmer positions as well as against surface targets from under water. The pistol is intended for combat swimmers.

This non-automatic pistol has a four-barrel cluster. The barrels are fired in succession. A double-action trigger and firing mechanism is used. The pistol is cocked by pulling the trigger. The mechanism provides for firing by one hammer.

To load and unload the pistol, the barrel cluster is tipped up with its breech block in the upward position (similar to hunting rifles). Four rounds in a clip are simultaneously put into the barrels.

Safe pistol handling is ensured by a manual safety lever used to block the trigger and hammer. Aiming is done using a fixed foresight and a fixed backsight. Special coating is applied to protect the pistol in sea water.

Main characteristics
Caliber, mm
Weight (w/o rounds), kg
Basic dimensions, mm
Muzzle velocity, m/s
Clip capacity, rds
Effective range of fire under water, m:
5 m depth
10 m depth
20 m depth
Effective range of fire in the air, m
Operating temperature range, ˚C
-10 to +40 (prior to diving)