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9 mm submachine gun

Combat features and specifications of the 9mm SR.2M submachine gun are in line with the requirements of the Personal Defence Weapon programme. The SR.2M destroy manpower, wearing individual means of protection, at a range of up to 200 m and unarmored vehicles at a range of up to 100 m. The SR.2M fires special 9x21mm SP-10 and SP-11 cartridges.

The SR.2M's small weight and dimensions, as well as the ability to be carried in a shoulder holster provide for concealed carrying and rapid employment. The hammerless trigger assembly provides for single-shot and full-automatic fire. The safety catch is located on the right side of the receiver, while the selector lever is on the left side. The breech mechanism lever is folded in the travelling position.

The sight consists of a front sight and two-position rear sight for firing at a range of 100 and 200 m. The receiver top is fitted with a holder for a collimator sight.

The weapon is fed from a 20- or 30-round double-column ejection magazine. The collapsible metal butt aligns with the barrel in the firing position, and folds up and is secured in the travelling position.

Main characteristics
Caliber, mm
Cartridge type
SP-10, SP-11, 7BT3
Effective range of fire, m
Weight (w/o magazine), kg
Length, mm:
butt extended
butt folded
Rate of fire, rds/min
Magazine capacity, rds
20 or 30